A family company founded in 1957, H. Nootens SA has maintained a tradition of professionalism and warmth inherited from its founder Henri Nootens. Although the company has grown along with the Belgian hospital sector, we have continued to work on maintaining a close relationship with our customers and suppliers. This privileged relationship gives us in-depth knowledge of the sector and the products placed on the market. Day after day, for three generations, we have used this knowledge in the service of our customers in the hospital sector.

From the man with the “Cocker Spaniel” to the exclusive distributor of renowned manufacturers.

At the start of his career, Henri Nootens worked as a sales representative in a large pharmaceutical company. His qualities as a salesman and his acute knowledge of medical products were clear to everyone. When he decided to set up his own business in 1957, he followed the recipe that had always brought him success: maintaining a special relationship with everyone and ensuring that every request was answered.

Accompagnied by his ever-present Cocker Spaniel, he made daily visits to hospitals and established special relationships with his contacts. He did not run the business alone: while Henri was out making his visits, his wife Gilberte Poels – Nootens actively took care of administrative aspects and the preparation of orders.

When his son Jean-Jacques Nootens took over, the company experienced a new boom, with a diversification into surgical equipment and medical devices required in the operating theatre. With medicine and hospitals constantly evolving, H. Nootens SA specialised in continuing to offer cutting-edge equipment to its hospital customers years-after-years.

Today, Henri’s grandchildren Valérie-Anne and Pierre-Henri, have taken over the company. Like him, they combine professionalism and warmth when leading their team, some of whom have been with the company for over 30 years. With H. Nootens s.a. enjoying autonomy and continuous improvement – two other important aspects of the corporate culture – the conditions are ripe to distribute a full range of high-quality products from multiple manufacturers.


Siham Afkir Internal sales (Surgery) 02/216.78.63
Koen Jacobs Internal sales (disposable products) 02/216.78.63
Guy Vanden Houcke Internal sales (disposable products)  02/216.78.63
Machteld Cnapelinckx Pricing and offers manager (disposable products)  02/216.78.63
Wim Vanbrabant Flanders Representative 0474/99.88.53
– Infusion therapy
– Cardiology and vascular access
Pieter Jan Weetjens Flanders Representative 0476/89.31.98
– Continence – Urology and critical care
– Patient care and wound care
– Surgery
National representative
– Physical rehabilitation
Michel Antoine Wallonia representative 0473/45.61.29
– Infusion therapy
– Cardiology and vascular access
– Continence – Urology and critical care
– Patient care and wound care
Sylvie Dekaise Wallonia representative   0478/03.06.11
– Cardio-thoracic surgery
– Surgery
Herbert Van Den Steen National representative  0473/89.32.29
– Ophthalmology
– Surgical glue
Nick Ekongolo Store manager    
Dominique Rijckaert Packer    
Francis Trésignies Order picker    
René Plasschaert Technical Service (infusion pumps)  0486/39.56.86
Valérie-Anne Nootens Managing Director   
Pierre-Henri Nootens Managing Director